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Alveo’s Abreeza Residences aims to set a new standard of living in Davao City. With its innovative concept and modern architecture, you know what to expect when you walk in here. The developers made sure to incorporate the best facilities and amenities that can satisfy the discerning taste of its property owners.

First and foremost, every unit in this single tower residential condominium is designed to be ready for water, electricity, landline, internet, and cable connectivity. Thus, you will no longer have to do extra work the moment you move in because all of these services are ready for you to install according to what would suit your needs best. The intuitive master plan for this residential condominium is also committed to providing well-designed units to ensure that every unit owner will be able to enjoy and maximize every square inch of space available to them. 

The first thing that you will notice about this condominium is the hotel-like main lobby. Abreeza Residences like to stand out. Hence, the developers made sure that the upscale residential lifestyle that awaits you is evident the moment you walk into the building. You will get to experience a slice of sophisticated lifestyle as hinted by the modern décor of the lobby area. In addition to an impressive lobby, there is also a themed function room available at Abreeza Residences. The function room comes with a scenic veranda. Hence, it is an ideal venue for special occasions and gatherings, not just for business meetings and conferences.

A fitness hub is also available at Abreeza Residences. This is the ideal place to go to for the workout and fitness enthusiasts who decide to live in this condominium. You can save yourself from the hassle of traveling to and paying for your membership at the gym. When you need to workout, you can simply head to the fitness center and get your sweat on. The fitness gym is fully equipped so you can pursue your workout routine. 

Another interesting amenity available at Abreeza Residences is the 24/7 wireless internet connection. This is available to all unit residents at this condominium. With the wireless internet, you can stay connected wherever you are in this condominium. 

If you are seeking amenities and facilities that add comfort to your life, Abreeza Residences won’t disappoint either. There are two types of pools available to enjoy. The first one is the adult pool and there is also a kiddie sized pool. Hence, you and your family can enjoy bonding moment at the pool area without the need to travel to a resort within or outside of Davao City. You can stay home and enjoy the relaxation and pampering that you deserve. The pool side deck also comes with cabanas so you can lounge and relax during the weekends. It would be hard to believe that you can enjoy all of these right in the midst of the city.

In addition to the aforementioned facilities and amenities, you can also enjoy the following at Abreeza Residences: roof deck garden, clubhouse, multimedia room, game room, and landscaped podium gardens.

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